Ascension Mobile’s mission is to simplify mobile telecommunications for enterprise applications. Focusing on the healthcare space since its inception in 2008, Ascension today operates in two distinct areas.


Simplifies the hardware procurement process by providing cost-effective new and Better-Than-New™ hardware (high-quality refurbished devices), often over a long horizon (3-5 years).

Carrier/Cost Optimization

Simplifies carrier billing and utilization through our proprietary software solution to provide unparalleled clarity, reducing both out-of-pocket costs and internal costs, while delivering superiorand consistent customer service.

Mobile Solutions

Enterprise solutions are not one size fits all.  At Ascension Mobile we work closely with our customers to develop solutions that fit the exact needs of the business.  Pulling from our expertise in mobile hardware, carrier billing, logistics, repair, testing, and customer service, we create the perfect mobile solutions for each customer.

In each area of specialization, we utilize a unique consulting approach to work with our clients to design a solution that meets their needs.

On the hardware side, we begin working with clients in one of two situations. Ideally, we begin early in their product development process, working together to find a device that both meets their needs and that we can provide and support over the long haul. However, we often begin working with customers that have already made a substantial investment into a device that has now gone end-of-life (sometimes the device went end-of-life many years earlier).

Our refurbished devices are, in many ways, Better-Than-New™. They look new and work new. However, they have been more thoroughly tested than any new device you could purchase. We will work with you to ensure the exact software build you expect is on every device. We offer longer warranties than new devices typically come with. Finally, our devices ship in our unique, custom-designed packaging, which we developed in-house to meet clients’ needs for high-volume deployments in a safe and inexpensive manner, without the labor and waste typically associated with the new phone packaging.

Think It’s Time to Talk?

The last thing you want is low quality refurbished hardware. You are looking for new hardware and a way to source it over the long-haul. We know our Better-Than-New™ solution isn't the most intuitive option. However, given our commitment to quality and our repeatable processes, we are convinced that our solution is by far the best way to solve the problem of supporting custom enterprise applications on consumer devices. Now is not a good time to be shy. Please reach out, and lets put our heads together to see if our solution could possibly be the answer you've been looking for.

Think It’s Time to Talk?