Case Study


International Home Health Mobile Patient Data Monitoring


The mobile smartphones being used in an FDA approved mobile patient data monitoring solution were no longer being manufactured.  In order to extend the life of the program, this International company needed more of the same devices.  A lot more.


Ascension Mobile was able to keep the program operating for significantly longer than expected with Better-Than-New™ devices.


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The last thing you want is low quality refurbished hardware. You are looking for new hardware and a way to source it over the long-haul. We know our Better-Than-New™ solution isn't the most intuitive option. However, given our commitment to quality and our repeatable processes, we are convinced that our solution is by far the best way to solve the problem of supporting custom enterprise applications on consumer devices. Now is not a good time to be shy. Please reach out, and lets put our heads together to see if our solution could possibly be the answer you've been looking for.

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