A sampling of Enterprise Mobility news from around the wire!

Gartner recently released their 2016 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management.  If you are managing the software and security on your devices with one of these, we’re curious how you’re managing the hardware and wireless services!

Ascension Mobile is here to help with all of your Enterprise Mobility needs.  From procurement through customer service to lifecycle management.

Read more about the Gartner Enterprise Mobility Management 2016 Magic Quadrant here:  


BYOD has been around for a while now – it’s surprising so many companies have not created policies around this!


While Apple gets a lot of the headlines, and takes huge amounts of the industry profit, Android is dominating the installed base globally.  If you are thinking of using Android in your deployment – you’re definitely not alone here!


Looking for good sources of Enterprise Mobility news and updates?  We found this article on Solutions Review that comes in handy:


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