With Ascension Mobile, the headache of managing mobile device inventory goes out the window.  Our solutions offer peace of mind that hardware will always be available when needed.  Our Inventory Management Solutions span these key areas:


Leveraging a global supply chain network, Ascension Mobile can find the best source for the exact mobile devices your project requires.

New Device procurement from Ascension Mobile can combine configuration, testing and logistics to provide a complete procurement and deployment solution for your business.  Purchase new devices from Ascension Mobile and leverage the rest of the solution suite in one simple step.

Better-Than-New™ devices from Ascension Mobile are a great solution when additional mobile devices are needed, however new devices are not available for purchase.   For a variety of reasons manufacturers may experience supply issues, whether demand is too great, or end of manufacturing is near.  Learn more about Better-Than-New™ here.

Configuration & Testing

Procuring mobile devices is only step one in a mobile project.  The mobile devices procured will likely arrive with settings that do not match those needed for your deployment.  Ascension Mobile will configure and test each device to ensure 100% compliance.  Ascension Mobile can load the correct OS version onto the devices, remove un-necessary additional apps, configure all device settings, and pre-load any required software.

Deployment Logistics

Ensuring mobile devices are available when and where needed is a critical part of any mobile device project.  Ascension Mobile can provide the following services to help any project ensure success:

Short & Long Term Storage:  Ascension Mobile maintains secure storage facilities to accommodate both short and long term storage of mobile devices, accessories and kitting supplies.  Holding the devices in secure storage is step one in a successful deployment.

Kitting & Shipping:  Ascension Mobile will assemble mobile devices along with other required accessories, materials and literature into pre-defined kits and ship these either individually or in bulk.  Kitting can be provided in Ascension Mobile proprietary packaging for bulk devices, or individual kits.  Ascension Mobile can also customize packaging to fit any mobile deployment needs.

Think It’s Time to Talk?

The last thing you want is low quality refurbished hardware. You are looking for new hardware and a way to source it over the long-haul. We know our Better-Than-New™ solution isn't the most intuitive option. However, given our commitment to quality and our repeatable processes, we are convinced that our solution is by far the best way to solve the problem of supporting custom enterprise applications on consumer devices. Now is not a good time to be shy. Please reach out, and lets put our heads together to see if our solution could possibly be the answer you've been looking for.

Think It’s Time to Talk?